Miss Clue: Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas from everyone here at Miss Clue!

- Miss Clue Team

Miss Clue: Setting the Scene!

All of the Miss Clue Mysteries are set in a particular era, with you stepping into the shoes of Jane Darcy for that time period!

So far in the Miss Clue series, you have been able to play Jane from the 1930's in Formula For Danger, Secret of the Haunted Garden and Cruise Most Deadly! As well as her great aunt from the 1690's in Trials of Salem and her more recent great aunt in Peril in Pemberley from the early 1800's!

The next Miss Clue Mystery is set again in the 1930's, some time after the events of Cruise Most Deadly!

Whenever we go to create the environment for Jane Darcy, we look at the technology and styles prevalent at the time, and attempt to craft the world as accurately as possible around the limitations of the era, while still making it timeless!

You wouldn't expect to see a cellphone or computers in the 1930's!

So when we create an object, in this case a wall lamp, we look for reference from the past.

Here is a photograph of a Wall Mounted Lamp featured by the Potomac Electric Power Co. circa 1920.

At that time you can see that the construction of the lamp is still quite reminiscent of wall mounted candle holders!

One of our artists takes this lamp and draws inspiration from the design to make a lamp that is uniquely Miss Clue!

The resulting concept art has all the details that are necessary to recreate our new light fixture in 3D!

After the lamp is fully crafted it can be used in the final scenes by the environment artists!

Now that you know a bit of history behind this particular wall lamp, you might be able to spot it in the next Installment of Miss Clue!

- Miss Clue Team

Miss Clue: Music Sneak Peek!

Part of creating the atmosphere for Jane Darcy to explore in Miss Clue, is Music!

Music sets the mood, and gives us a hint as to what might be coming our way. Whether it's something good, or even dangerous!

We are excited to share with you a snippet of music that will be in the next Miss Clue Mystery!

This piece is a bit anticipatory, as well as mysterious!

Here is a 1 minute sneak peek of the soundtrack:

(Download Audio MP3)   

Stay tuned for more excitement to come!

- Miss Clue Team

Miss Clue Update!

With all the wonderful feedback we received from our first Real-time 3D Mini-Mystery, Attics of Pemberley, we have been making many improvements to the core game systems for our upcoming full-length mystery!

Leading up to the release of the next exciting installment of Miss Clue, we will be posting weekly updates with behind the scenes sneak peeks! Including design sketches, game snapshots and more! As well as fun activities like the Haunted Graveyard Hunt!

Happy Thanksgiving!

- Miss Clue Team

Miss Clue: Haunted Graveyard Hunt!

Saturday, October 27th, 2018!

Put your detective skills to work in this Phantastic graveyard!

There are lots of exciting updates coming, so you'll want to keep your magnifying glass ready and a fingerprint dusting brush nearby!

Can you find the 13 Magnifying Glasses in this hauntingly eerie burial ground? Only you can be the judge!

Good luck, Detectives!

Happy Halloween!

- Miss Clue Team

Miss Clue Wallpaper!

Monday, August 6th, 2018!

Dress up your computer in preparation of the coming Miss Clue madness with your very own Miss Clue Desktop Wallpaper!

Classic and elegant; this Miss Clue Desktop Wallpaper is guaranteed to compliment your monitor!

Happy Sleuthing!

- Miss Clue Team

Miss Clue Attics Of Pemberley Mini-Mystery Beta Update!

Thanks to all of our great Beta Testers, we have a new update coming Saturday, July 8th, at 5:30 PM Pacific Time, 8:30 PM Eastern Time!

This exciting update resolves all of the issues discovered by our Beta Testers and also includes dramatic enhancements to performance! In fact, the performance enhancements are so significant, that Miss Clue Attics of Pemberley can now run on a wider range of machines!

We have also added significant updates to the Game Set Up Options, providing many new options!

In addition when Miss Clue starts for the first time, the system now automatically detects the optimal settings for your machine's performance! Of course you can change any of these settings in the Game Set Up Options Menus, and can also rerun the automatic detection at any time to reset all of your options to detected optimal values!

With these new updates, everyone should have a more solid experience!

We are really looking forward to your feedback on this latest update!

- Miss Clue Team

Beta Program Now Open!

The Miss Clue - Attics Of Pemberley Mini-Mystery Beta Program has started! If you applied to be part of the Beta Program please check your Email for your welcome message and download code! If you do not see your welcome message, make sure to check your spam folder as sometimes Emails can get put there.

If you have applied and not yet received an Email, don't be concerned, as only the first wave of Emails has gone out. You will definitely be receiving your welcome Email as the Beta Program is expanded!

Applications for the Miss Clue - Attics Of Pemberley Mini-Mystery Beta Program are still open and you can apply to be part of this exciting Beta Program here:

Click the link below to sign up now!

Miss Clue Beta Program!

- Miss Clue Team

Miss Clue: Attics Of Pemberley Beta Program Sign Up - NOW OPEN!

We have completed the Beta Version of our Attics of Pemberley Mini-Mystery!

This version includes all of the exciting new features we have already previewed plus even more surprises!

The initial Beta Version of Attics of Pemberley is available for both PCs and MACs!

We are excited and looking forward to your feedback on Attics of Pemberley, and can hardly wait to hear from you!

Attics of Pemberley will be available for early Beta Testers this coming Fourth of July weekend beginning Saturday, July 1st at 5:30 PM Pacific Time (8:30 PM Eastern Time)!

So make sure to sign up early for the Miss Clue Beta Program and be one of the first to experience the All-New 3D Miss Clue Adventure Interface!

Click the link below to sign up now!

Miss Clue Beta Program!

- Miss Clue Team

Attics Of Pemberley - Beta Testing Guide!

Click the link below to watch now!
Watch Now!
As everything comes together for our Attics of Pemberley Mini-Mystery Beta Test, we are very excited to share some of the behind the scenes information, and also the types of feedback the Development Team will be looking for as part of the Beta Test!

This Developer Video Update highlights the new Miss Clue Engine, and covers the new User Experience and Navigational Elements that the Development Team is hoping to get feedback on during the Beta Testing period!

In particular, this video provides an overview of how to customize the visual aspects of the new Miss Clue Engine!

We will be creating a new Forum Section for Beta Testers to provide ideas and feedback during the Beta Testing!


- Miss Clue Development Team

Miss Clue Update!

Our new enhancements for the Miss Clue engine are coming together even better than we had hoped!

In our tests we have been working with environmentals and have been particularly excited about the dynamic response of our scenes to changes in lighting and atmospherics!

Things have gone so well, we have decided to include a chilling blizzard and exploration scene in the upcoming Attics of Pemberley Mini Mystery!

Here are some exciting preview images of what to expect!

We'll keep you posted and prepare to be immersed!

- Miss Clue Team

Exciting News For All Miss Clue Fans!

Development has been underway for dramatic improvements to Miss Clue! These include remarkable enhancements which make Miss Clue even more exciting and immersive than ever!


Amazing HD Graphics with stunning environments and atmospheres plunge you into a whole new level of realism! Opening up expansive areas to investigate and explore!


As part of this upgrade, you now have the ability to customize your gameplay experience with three different Navigation Modes!

  • Cinematic Mode (Classic Navigation)
  • Walk Motion Mode
  • Glide Motion Mode


Another expansion is the option to choose either the Classic Framed Interface or the new Frameless Translucent Interface.


Enhancements create new ways to inspect and interact with items which will expand your Super Sleuthing abilities! Making searching for and finding clues even more thrilling!

BETA Testing!

To give you an early sneak-peek at these new features, we have created a Mini-Mystery, building on the events of Trials of Salem and Peril in Pemberley!

In this Mini-Mystery, Jane explores the attics of Pemberley, in search of the painting of Edward Darcy and Caroline Villiers, that Aunt Catherine describes in Trials of Salem!

Be prepared for surprises in this amazing new Mini-Mystery!

And thanks for participating in this exciting BETA Test!

Here are some actual screenshots from the upcoming Mini-Mystery, Attics of Pemberley!

Stay tuned for more information about participating in the BETA Test starting this month!

- Miss Clue Team

Another Exciting Update!

Saturday, February 6

Miss Clue, Peril in Pemberley is now available for Download, for the Mac and PC on!
If you go to and search for Miss Clue or Peril in Pemberley, you can find the Download easily!

- Miss Clue Team

Amazon Update!

Friday, February 5

Great news! Amazon has the Download Only Version of Peril in Pemberley available now!
You can find them by just going to Amazon and doing a search for Miss Clue or Peril in Pemberley!

- Miss Clue Team

Exciting News: Peril In Pemberley Ranking On Amazon!

Saturday, January 30

Peril in Pemberley is number 2 right behind Fall Out 4, in Hot New Releases for Mac!

And Peril in Pemberley is number 21 in Hot New Releases for PC in front of Star Wars BattleFront and Star Craft 2!

We are so excited, here are the screen shots!
Just as exciting, Peril In Pemberley is ranked in the top 20 for Mac Games overall! And for PC, Peril in Pemberley is ranked number 66 overall!

Thanks for being part of this exciting release!

- Miss Clue Team

Miss Clue: Jane Austen Mysteries - Peril in Pemberley - Daily Update Day 16!

Thursday, January 28

Fun and healthful outdoor activities were an integral part of life during the Regency Era, it would be a false perception to imagine that everyone was always prim and proper and sat indoors doing needlepoint and reading books!

The reality is that outdoor activities and games held a prominent place in Regency Homes.

The outdoor activities were also a great way to socialize and become familiar with people from the surrounding estates.

Some of the most popular outdoor games during the Regency Era were...


Archery is a popular outdoor activity! The object of the player is to shoot with a bow an arrow at an appointed target.

Hide and Seek

Suppose we are in a garden or orchard, and select a place well furnished with trees, shrubs, thickets, statues, and everything calculated to conceal the players. Let a large tree at some distance from the rest so that it can be easily reached from various quarters, be "home," that is, the spot where the players shall be safe from the pursuit of the one who is to catch them. And let it be laid down as thegeneral rule, that every player hides alone. The place, the home, and the person to seek, being arranged, the latter leans his head against the home, and shuts his eyes, whilst the rest immediately run off and conceal themselves. When they are hid, one of them cries Whoop as the signal for the person who is at home to seek after them.

Barley Brinks

This is Scottish rural form of Hide and Seek. One stack is fixed on as the goal, and one person is appointed to catch the rest who run out from it. He does not leave it till they are all out of his sight. Then, he sets off to catch them. Any one who is taken cannot run out with his former associates, being accounted prisoner but he is obliged to assist his captor in pursuing the rest. When all are taken, the game is finished and he who was first taken is bound to act as catcher in the next game.

Follow My Leader

The most skillful or active is selected to perform a series of maneuvers in running, climbing, jumping, &c., in which he must be followed by all the rest who have joined in the game and those who fail, always fall behind those who succeed.

Casting The Bar

Casting The Bar, the sledge-hammer, and among rustics, the axle-tree, is a very ancient and useful athletic game. The object of the player is to throw it farther than others.

Horse Back Riding

Riding on Horseback is, confessedly, one of the most exciting, agreeable, and refreshing outdoor activities. Pursued in the open air, it affords a most rapid, and, at the same time, exhilarating succession of scenic changes!


A line or net hangs exactly across the middle of the Tennis Court, and is precisely one yard in height at the centre but it rises at each end foot or more, so that it hangs in slope or sweep. It is of substance to resist any ball, with whatever force it may be struck. Over this net, the balls must be struck with racket or bat. This game can be played by two to four players.

Nine Pins

The players stand at a distance settled by mutual consent; and each in turn casts the bowl at the pins; the object being to beat them down in the fewest throws.

Throwing The Javelin, Spear, etc.

In this exercise, a long piece of wood shod with iron is thrown by the force of the arm and wrist against a target erected at a suitable distance.

Stay tuned for tomorrow's update!

- Miss Clue Team

Miss Clue: Jane Austen Mysteries - Peril in Pemberley - Daily Update Day 15!

Wednesday, January 27

Alright detectives, the confetti cannon just went off and you can see the results below!

Here are a list of the items we're looking for, post them where you find them!

  • Jolly Roger
  • Campfire
  • Magnifying Glass
  • Piece of Pizza
  • Pencil
  • Fish
  • Mysterious Space Bottle
  • Ice Cream with Cone
  • Key
  • Blue Books
  • Green Snake
  • Purple Thread
  • Crayons
  • Foot print
  • Snowflake
  • Pin cushion
Stay tuned for tomorrow's update!

- Miss Clue Team

Peril in Pemberley Update!

Tuesday, January 26

Here is the latest update on Peril in Pemberley!

Amazon now has one of our games up and available for download, unfortunately it is not Peril in Pemberley.

The game they have available is the desktop version of Sharks Vs Zombies, which is the same as we have In-Game, but as a stand alone desktop version.

We were using Sharks Vs Zombies as our test download for setting things up with Amazon, so do not buy the desktop version of Sharks Vs Zombies, as it is the same game you already have here.

So, where are we now? Frustrated!

In addition, we have had a lot of requests from our long time players to release Peril in Pemberley on Friday afternoon, so that everyone can have the opportunity to start it at the same time!

During the week, there are the usual conflicts with school, homework and business commitments, so it makes it especially challenging for a lot of people.

Since Peril In Pemberley is our first big desktop game we of course want everyone to have the best experience possible, so let's plan on Friday at 3:30 PM Pacific Time (6:30 PM Eastern Time) January 29th, 2016! Remember, when you order the game, you will receive both the Download Version, which you can download and start playing immediately, and the Wrist Band Version, which will come in the mail!

Pull on your party hats and ready the confetti, and plan on being here Friday, January 29th for the most momentous occasion you have ever witnessed! (Yes, Gracie got ahold of this sentence!)

Keep an eye on the Countdown, and watch for more daily Regency Era Updates!

If you have any questions, just hop over to the Miss Clue Forums and let us know!

Keep sleuthing, detectives!
- Miss Clue Team

Miss Clue: Jane Austen Mysteries - Peril in Pemberley - Daily Update Day 13!

Monday, January 25

Love is timeless and so are the poems written about love! The Regency Era was a time of romance, so Love Poems were quite fashionable!

Here are some of the charming poems focused on love that have found their way into our hearts over time!

She Walks In Beauty

She walks in beauty, like the night
Of cloudless climes and starry skies;
And all that's best of dark and bright
Meets in her aspect and her eyes:
Thus mellowed to that tender light
Which heaven to gaudy day denies.

One shade the more, one ray the less,
Had half impaired the nameless grace
Which waves in every raven tress,
Or softly lightens o’er the face;
Where thoughts serenely sweet express
How pure, how dear, their dwelling place.
And on that cheek, and o'er that brow,
So soft, so calm, yet eloquent,
The smiles that win, the tints that glow,
But tell of days in goodness spent,
A mind at peace with all below,
A heart whose love is innocent.
- Byron.

Forget Me Not.

Take it, this little flower; take it, and think of me;
Think, in the hours of loneliness, of the one who gave it thee;
Place it within thy bosom, let it never be forgot,
But let it whisper oft to thee, the words 'Forget me not.'
Think of it in the joyous crowd, when all around is bright,
Think of it when I’m far away and severed from thy sight;
Think of it whether far or near, whatever be thy lot;
Oh! let it speak the words to thee, 'Forget me not!'

Her Match.

Which is the flower, so sweet and rare,
That can with my dear love compare?
Fair white lilies, having birth
In their native genial earth ;
These, in scent and queenly grace
Match thy maiden form and face.

True Love.

Let me not to the marriage of true minds
Admit impediments. Love is not love
Which alters when it alteration finds,
Or bends with the remover to remove:-

O, no! it is an ever fixed mark
That looks on tempests and is never shaken;
It is the star to every wandering barque
Whose worth’s unknown, although his height be taken.

Love’s not time’s fool, though rosy lips and cheeks
Within his bending sickles compass come;
Love alters not with his brief hours and weeks,
But bears it out even to the edge of doom;

If this be error, and upon me proved,
I never writ, nor no man ever loved.


I Would Only Look On Thee.
Day, in meeting purple dying,
Blossoms all around me sighing?
Fragrance from the lilies straying-,
Zephyrs with my ringlets playing,
Ye but waken my distress ;
I am sick of loneliness.

Thou to whom I love to hearken,
Come ere night around me darken;
Though thy softness but deceive me,
Say thou’rt true and I’ll believe thee;
Veil, if ill thy soul’s intent,
Let me think it innocent!

Save thy toiling, spare thy treasure;
All I ask is friendship’s pleasure;
Let the shining ore lie darkling,
Bring no gem in lustre sparkling:
Gifts and gold are naught to me,
I would only look on thee!

Stay tuned for tomorrow's update!

- Miss Clue Team

Miss Clue: Jane Austen Mysteries - Peril in Pemberley - Daily Update Day 12!

Sunday, January 24

It's important to know the different types of romantic signaling that was common during the Regency Era. This is a particular importance for once you are betrothed, it would be singly inappropriate to inadvertently encourage someone's romantic advances.

This could be both disconcerting for all parties involved and in the event of a misunderstanding, lead to an unnecessary row between lovers.

Dining Table Signaling.

  • Drawing a napkin or handkerchief through the hand — I desire to converse by signal with you.
  • Holding it by the corners — Is it agreeable?
  • Playing with fork — I have something to tell you.
  • Holding up the knife and fork in each hand — When can I see you?
  • Laying both together left of the plate — After the meal.
  • Clenching right hand on table — To-night.
  • Napkin held with three fingers — Yes.
  • Held with two fingers — No.
  • Holding napkin to chin with forefinger to mouth — Cease signaling.
  • Standing knife and fork thus, A — Can I meet you?
  • Balancing fork on edge of cup — Are you engaged tonight?
  • Striking fork with knife — I shall go out.
  • Balancing fork on knife — Meet me.
  • Placing knife over the glass — Will you be alone?
  • Stirring spoon in cup slowly — Will you be late?
  • Slapping the ear, as if brushing away a fly — I don’t understand.

Window Signaling

  • Open right hand to side of face — I greet you.
  • Forefinger of left hand on chin — I desire an acquaintance.
  • Forefinger of left hand — Favorable.
  • Three fingers of right hand moved up and down — Yes.
  • Two fingers of right hand (the same) — No.
  • Open hand on the forehead — I am a stranger.
  • Kissing the fingers of the left hand — I love you.
  • Both hands clasped — I am engaged.
  • Two little fingers locked — I am at leisure.
  • Arms folded across breast — I would I were you.
  • Forefinger of right hand over mouth — Warning to cease signaling.
  • Left hand clenched as fist — To-night.
  • Both hands clenched as fists — To-morrow.
  • Both hands clenched and taking one away — To-morrow night.
  • Taking both hands away — This evening.

Postage Stamp Flirtation.

These are particularly useful when sending a rather innocuous letter that may be read by other members of the family.

  • Upside down on left corner — I love you.
  • Same corner, crosswise — My heart is another’s.
  • Straight up and down — Good-bye, sweetheart.
  • Upside down on right corner — Write no more.
  • In the middle, at right hand edge — Write immediately.
  • In centre, at top — Yes.
  • Opposite, at bottom — No.
  • On right hand corner, at a right angle — Do you love me?
  • In left hand corner — I hate you,
  • Top corner, at the right — I wish your friendship.
  • Bottom corner, at left — I seek your acquaintance.
  • On line with surname — Accept my love.
  • The same, upside down — I am engaged.
  • At right angle, same place — I long to see you.

Stay tuned for tomorrow's update!

- Miss Clue Team

Miss Clue: Jane Austen Mysteries - Peril in Pemberley - Daily Update Day 11!

Saturday, January 23

It is often the case that during the romantic period of the betrothal, that flowers will be sent on a regular basis! The importance of choosing the correct flower is essential for assuring the happiness of this season!

Here is a list of flowers and their meaning from the Regency Era! As you can see, a poor choice could lead to both distress and possibly even a break-up.

  • Arbor Vitas — Unchanging friendship.
  • Apple Blossom — My preference.
  • Alyssum — Worth above beauty.
  • Aspen Tree — Sorrow.
  • Blue Canterbury Bell — Fidelity.
  • China Pink — Hate.
  • Coreopsis — Love at first sight.
  • Dead Leaves — Heavy heart.
  • Forget-me-not — True love.
  • Geranium — Lost hope.
  • Hazel — Let us bury the hatchet.
  • Hawthorn — Hope.
  • Heliotrope — You are loved.
  • Ivy — Friendship.
  • Lily of the Valley — Happy again.
  • Linden Tree — Marriage.
  • Marigold — I am jealous.
  • Myrtle — Unalloyed affection.
  • Pansy — Think of me.
  • Pea — Meet me by moonlight.
  • Peach-Blossom — My heart is thine.
  • Phlox — Our souls are united.
  • Pink, red — Woman’s love.
  • Pose — Perfect beauty.
  • Rose-Bud — My heart knows no love.
  • Pose Geranium — You are preferred.
  • Sweet William — Let this be our last.
  • Tulip — Declare your love.
  • Wall-Flower — You will find me true.
  • Yellow Lily — You are a coquette.
As you can see, a little knowledge can assure a happy courtship!

Stay tuned for tomorrow's update!

- Miss Clue Team

Miss Clue: Jane Austen Mysteries - Peril in Pemberley - Daily Update Day 10!

Friday, January 22

Betrothal and Wedding Rings

As romance leads to love, and love to betrothal, so it is that the ring has come to symbolize both the betrothal and wedding states.
It has been a custom throughout history to engrave a special verse within the betrothal or wedding rings!

Here are some verses, mottoes, or posies that were deemed appropriate during the Regency Era, for both betrothal and wedding rings!

  • "Thus may our lives be one perpetual round. Nor care, nor sorrow, ever shall be found"
  • "Let likings last"
  • "United hearts, death only parts"
  • "Let us share in joy and care"
  • "As God decreed, so we agreed"
  • "Love and live happily"

The following were chiefly confined to marriage rings:

  • "A virtuous wife preserveth life"
  • "By God alone we two are one"
  • "Christ for me hath chosen thee"
  • "Hearts united live contented"
  • "God's blessing be on thee and me"
  • "God did foresee we should agree"

Other romantic customs involving rings often were relied upon to determine the future state of marriage for young maidens!

  • In Sweden, maidens anxious to foretell the future
    place a ring, a coin, and a piece of black ribbon each
    under a separate cup. If the ring is first exposed,
    they marry within the year; the coin secures a rich
    husband; but the ribbon denotes an old maid.
  • The Russian girls conceal their finger-rings amid the corn in the barn, and then bring in a hen to peck the grain. She whose property is first unearthed is supposed to be the first to marry.
  • In England, a ring, a button, and a coin are often placed in the wedding cake. She who secures the ring is to be the next bride; the button, the old maid; the coin secures a wealthy suitor. A ring put in posset "infuses magic power," and "will tell the fair if happily she will wed."

Stay tuned for tomorrow's update!

- Miss Clue Team

Miss Clue: Jane Austen Mysteries - Peril in Pemberley - Daily Update Day 9!

Thursday, January 21

Flirtations, if accepted, often lead to courtship and of course a proposal of marriage.

Whether the courtship is short or long, the moment of proposal can often be daunting for both parties.

Here are nine ways to propose to your lover, which would have been appropriate during the Regency Era!

Who knows, they might even be useful today!

In the country, the lover is taking a romantic walk by moonlight
with the lady of his love --talks of the beautiful scenery, the
harmony of nature, and exclaims, “Ah! Julia, how happy would existence prove, if I always had such a companion!”
“ My dearest Julia, be mine forever!”
This is a settler, and the answer, ever so inaudible, “ makes or undoes him quite.”

“ Take pity on a forlorn bachelor,” says another, in a manner which may be either jest or earnest, “marry me at once, and put me out of my misery.” “ With all my heart, whenever you are ready,” replies the laughing fair one. A joke carried thus far is easily made earnest.
A point is often carried by taking a thing for granted. A gentleman who has been paying attentions to a lady says, “Well, Mary, when is the happy day?”
“What day, pray ?” she asks, with a conscious blush.
"Why, everybody knows that we are going to get married, and it might as well be one time as the other; so, when shall it be?"
Cornered in this fashion, there is no retreat.

"Jane, I love you! Will you marry me?" would be somewhat abrupt, and a simple, frankly given, "Yes!" would be short and sweet for an answer.
"Ellen, one word from you would make me the happiest man in the universe!"
"I should be cruel not to speak it, then, unless it is a very hard one."
"It is a word of three letters, and answers the question, Will you have me?"

The lady, of course, says Yes, unless she happen to prefer a word of only two letters, and answers No.
One timid gentleman asks, "Have you any objection to change your name?" and follows this with another, which clenches it significance, "How would mine suit you?"
Another asks, "Will you tell me what I most wish to know?"
"Yes, if I can."
"The happy day when we shall be married?"

Another says, "My Eliza, we must do what all the world evidently expects we shall."
"All the world is very impertinent."
"I know it --but it can't be helped. When shall I tell the parson to be ready!"

Another says, "I have come, fair lady, to take, perhaps, a final leave of you." Of course the lady will ask the reason, when you can tell her in the most touching strain you are master of, thus: "Because, fair one, I find that your society has become so dear to me that my only hope of escape is to forever leave you, to save myself from many an hour's misery, for I could not scarcely hope that you would crown my efforts with success, being, as I am, almost a stranger."

Finding herself thus addressed by one who speaks to candidly, she will give you a fair answer. If she favors your suit, she will blush, and perhaps be somewhat agitated, and say that she is unprepared at once to give you an answer. If so, you may consider you are on the right track, and, if you go on, you are sure of your game; but, if she takes it coolly, and says she would be happy at any time to see you as a "friend", the best course for you is to let everything go and amuse yourself in some other way.

Stay tuned for tomorrow's update!

- Miss Clue Team

Miss Clue: Jane Austen Mysteries - Peril in Pemberley - Daily Update Day 8!

Wednesday, January 20

While romance is an integral part of any Era, including the Regency, it seldom happens by accident!

To break the barrier often created by society and social requirements, it has often been the custom to create clever and often intriguing conventions that can be used by young ladies, and the gentlemen that find them attractive.

Whether it is a fan, hat, parasol or glove, all can be a useful tool in the art of flirtation!

Here are some of the conventions using your gloves to flirt!

Glove Flirtations

Holding with tips downward ... I wish to be acquainted.
Twirling around the fingers ... Be careful, we are watched.
Right hand with the naked thumb exposed ... Kiss me.
Left hand with naked thumb exposed ... Do you love me.
Using them as a fan ... Introduce me to your company.
Smoothing them out gently ... I wish I were with you.
Holding them loose in the left hand ... I am satisfied.
Holding them loose in the right hand ... Be contented.
Biting the tips ... I wish to be rid of you very soon.
Folding up carefully ... Get rid of your company.
Striking them over the hand ... I am displeased.
Drawing half way on left hand ... Indifference.
Clenching them (rolled up) in right hand ... No.
Striking them over the shoulder ... Follow me.
Tossing them up gently ... I am engaged.
Turning them inside out ... I hate you.
Dropping both of them ... I love you.
Tapping the chin ... I love another.
Putting them away ... I'm vexed.
Dropping one of them ... Yes.

Love's Telegraph.

If a gentleman wants a wife, he wears a ring on the first finger of the left hand; if he is engaged, he wears it on the second finger; if married, on the third; and on the fourth if he never intends to be married. When a lady is not engaged, she wears a hoop or diamond on her first finger; if engaged, on the second; if married, on the third; and on the fourth if she intends to die unmarried.

When a gentleman presents a fan, flower or trinket to a lady with the left hand, this on his part is an overture of regard; should she receive it with the left hand, it is considered as an acceptance of his esteem; but if with the right hand, it is a refusal of the offer. Thus, by a few simple tokens explained by rule, the passion of love is expressed; and, through the medium of the telegraph, the most timid and diffident man may, without difficulty, communicate his sentiments of regard to a lady, and, in case his offer should be refused, avoid experiencing the mortification of an explicit refusal.

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Miss Clue: Jane Austen Mysteries - Peril in Pemberley - Daily Update Day 7!

Tuesday, January 19

How to conduct your self as a young Englishman on 100 pounds a year.

While the Regency Era is known for romance, not everyone had wealth. Just because you might be poor it does not follow that you would not be inclined to be romantic.

Here is the manner in which a gentleman was expected to conduct himself even if he had to live on just 100 pounds a year.

To begin then, as a general rule to make yourself respected, though poor:

  • Never talk of it.
  • Never ask a favour (of solid kind).
  • Never borrow money (never lend!)
  • Never be in debt sixpence.
  • Never affect anything.
  • Never make up to richer people first, let them pass, whether in carriage or on foot, if they do not see you, and nod first.
  • Refuse some invitations now and then of your best friends.
  • Never get into a cab or a hackney-coach when you can possibly walk.
  • Buy no trifle you do not absolutely want.
  • Don't lounge at pastrycooks' eating cakes or soups.
  • Don't smoke or snuff, or glide into any expensive and foolish habit that leads to no good.
  • Never accept dinners at hotels from other single men, when you can by any means get out of the scrape.
  • Carry a halfpence in your coat-pocket, never be without a halfpenny for a distressed silent woman, pass all other loud beggars, street-sweepers, &c. "'tis just as generous as if the Duke of Devonshire gave crown on such occasions.
  • Never talk of rich titled people, if you do know any, keep it to yourself.
  • Pay your tailor cash, and he'll take off fifteen per cent, which brings the first rate nearly on level with the herd of butchers but cash must be paid for every thing as the grand rule on which all others hang.
  • Never call second time where your cards are not returned, unless on women, or the very old or infirm let no rank be any exception if you do, you will soon be cut more effectually particularly where there are girls in the family.
  • Never go near a hotel or a tavern, if you can help it.
These are but a few of the maxims I would have observed, without which, how is it possible to make two thousand shillings spin out three hundred and sixty-five days.

You know you have no more certainly, --Very well look the danger in the face and it disappears! But if you have two hundred income, or three, still these are golden rules.

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Miss Clue: Jane Austen Mysteries - Peril in Pemberley - Daily Update Day 6!

Monday, January 18

Society in the Regency Era had rather stringent requirements for both fashion and style!

Every lady, whether young or old, sought to have the latest and most appropriate fashions for whatever activity she might be required to engage!

So, in selecting the style of her dress or her accessories, she always paid strict attention to the conventions of her society and acquaintances.

Here are some examples of the latest fashions during the Regency Era, from the fashion archives created in the making of Peril in Pemberley!
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Miss Clue: Jane Austen Mysteries - Peril in Pemberley - Daily Update Day 5!

Sunday, January 17

Regency was a time of romance, but there were very strict rules on who you may and may not consider to take for a spouse.

There are two types of relationships that are prohibited. These relationships are based on either biological relationship, which is called Consanguinity or by relationship based on marriage, which is referred to as Affinity.

The prohibited relationships are the same that you would find if you lived in Rome in the year 100 B.C.

So, you can see that these rules have been applied for over 2,000 years.

Here is a chart from the late Regency Era which outlines those relationships which would be prohibited.
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Miss Clue: Jane Austen Mysteries - Peril in Pemberley - Daily Update Day 4!

Saturday, January 16

A great detective has to have the ability to observe and discover the unexpected!

Today we have something fun which will also help you hone your detective skills!

All you have to do is find the one participant in this crowd scene that is not a penguin!

Once you know the answer, hop over to the forum and let everyone know what you think!

Click to view a larger image.
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Miss Clue: Jane Austen Mysteries - Peril in Pemberley - Daily Update Day 3!

Friday, January 15

The Pemberley Estate and its grounds have been depicted in various ways, as can be seen in the numerous movies and series that have been made based on Pride and Prejudice!

Most of the great estates of the Regency Era were actually built hundreds of years before the Regency Era began. The Georgian and Regency Eras were known for elaborate renovations and updates of these great estates!

Drawing from the inspiration of these great estates you will discover all of the richness and beauty of the Regency Era incorporated into Jane Darcy's home, Pemberley!

Of the 100's of reference documents that were used as inspiration for Pemberley, one of the most interesting was a proposed remodel of Lyme Hall in the 1800's.

Below is an image of a proposed architectural remodel which gives insight into the styles and design characteristic of the Regency Era!
As you experience Pemberley, you will find yourself immersed in the life and times of Jane Austen!

If you have not had a chance to take the guided tour of Pemberley yet, you will find it right below!

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Miss Clue: Jane Austen Mysteries - Peril in Pemberley - Daily Update Day 2!

To create the Regency Experience for Peril in Pemberley, our creative teams had the opportunity to research the fashions, architecture, music, customs and manners of both the Georgian and Regency periods. So in addition to the exciting mystery of Peril in Pemberley you will also discover an authentic Regency Experience.

Of course, there are a variety of ways to view the regency era and to provide everyone with some interesting takes on this romantic period here is a collection of some of the interesting versions of Pride and Prejudice which you might enjoy watching!

  • Pride and Prejudice (2005) With Keira Knightley and Matthew Macfadyen
  • Pride and Prejudice (1995) with Jennifer Ehle and Colin Firth
  • Pride and Prejudice (1980) With Elizabeth Garvie and David Rintoul
  • Pride and Prejudice (1940) With Greer Garson and Laurence Olivier
While not all of these have an emphasis on technical accuracy for the period, they each have something special to recommend them!

We hope you enjoy them as much as we have!

Stay tuned for tomorrow's update!

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Miss Clue: Jane Austen Mysteries - Peril in Pemberley - Daily Update Day 1!

Great news! We have a new release date!

The new date is January 26th, 2016!

Here is the link to the page on Amazon for Peril in Pemberley!

Peril In Pemberley - Information On Amazon!

Peril in Pemberley will also be available here on MissClue on January 26th, 2016!

So if for any reason, there is an issue with Amazon, you will be able to get Peril in Pemberley right here!

Now for some really exciting news, we have the thrilling trailer for Peril in Pemberley available for you RIGHT NOW!

We'll have update number 2 available for you tomorrow, as we count down the days to the release of Peril in Pemberley!

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Miss Clue: Jane Austen Mysteries - Preview!

Exciting scenes from the upcoming release of Peril in Pemberley, December 15th, 2015!

A Regency Experience!

Click to view larger images.

Miss Clue: Jane Austen Mysteries - Peril In Pemberley Update!

Amazon has rescheduled the download version of Peril in Pemberley to coincide with the release of the box game on December 15th!

Just as Jane Darcy unraveled the mystery in Formula For Danger, now explore Regency England as her Great Great Great Aunt, Jane, the daughter of Fitzwilliam Darcy and Elizabeth Bennet, as you confront a scandal that could destroy the reputation of the family!

Watch for more details and pictures of Peril in Pemberley, a regency experience coming tomorrow!

Chapter III - Secret of the Haunted Garden - Coming Saturday, October 31st!

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Miss Clue: Jane Austen Mysteries - Pemberley Visit! Tour: Part 3!

Jane would like to invite you on a tour to see the Sparkling Lake!

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Chapter I - Secret of the Haunted Garden - Coming Sunday, October 18th!

Miss Clue: Jane Austen Mysteries - Pemberley Visit! Tour: Part 2!

Jane would like to invite you on a tour to see the Courtyard of Pemberley!

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Miss Clue: Jane Austen Mysteries - Pemberley Visit! Tour: Part 1!

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Jane would like to invite you to a tour about the grounds of Pemberley!

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Miss Clue: Jane Austen Mysteries - Pemberley Visit! Tour: Part 1 Countdown!

Jane would like to invite you to a tour about the grounds of Pemberley!

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Miss Clue: Formula for Danger - "Everything To You" - Nixie and Anne - Anne's wedding version!

Now you can listen to Nixie's All-NEW Hit Single Everything To You (Bodacious Girl) at any time of the day!

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Miss Clue: Jane Austen Mysteries - Peril In Pemberley Update!

Jane has arrived in Pemberley, and would like to invite you for a tour about the grounds!

The tour will be available Sunday afternoon, September 27th, and will also include a walk about the court yard of Pemberley!

Miss Clue: Jane Austen Mysteries - Secret of the Haunted Garden!

Just in time for Halloween!

Step into the Haunted Garden, and discover the mystery that Jane Darcy must solve before it's too late!

Coming this October 2015, an all-new MissClue in three exciting chapters!

Don't miss this thrilling adventure, and be prepared to be scared!

Miss Clue: Jane Austen Mysteries - Peril In Pemberley!

As Jane Darcy, the daughter of Mr. Darcy & Elizabeth Bennet, it is up to you to solve the mystery that threatens Pemberley!

With an expansive environment and stunning visuals the Regency Mystery "Peril In Pemberley" comes alive!

Available for the PC/MAC platforms this November 20th 2015, "Peril In Pemberley" will be our first MissClue game on DVD!

"Peril In Pemberley" will be available from Amazon and other fine retailers beginning November 20th!

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Starting January 3rd - 2016 - Jane Darcy faces her most dangerous mystery yet, in an exciting new 7 chapter series!

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Miss Clue: Jane Austen Mysteries - Formula For Danger - Chapter XV!

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