Jane Austen Mysteries

Formula for Danger!

Chapter I

Miss Clue – Jane Austen Mysteries: Formula For Danger - Chapter I!

As you embark on your exciting vacation in your Aunt and Uncles lodge, strange things are afoot as the guests begin to arrive...

Could it be the moon’s reflection, or had you caught a glimpse of several mysterious lights dancing along the shore across from Moose Lake?

You won’t want to miss the first exciting chapter of Jane Austen Mysteries – Formula For Danger! Coming this 7th VFK Anniversary!

"I've only been here a few days, but my room here at the lodge already feels like home!

I've got so much to explore, and so much to do, I don't know where to begin, and I know summer will be over before I'm half done!"

Jane Austen Mysteries: Formula for Danger - Chapter I

You, as Jane Darcy, are faced with the terrifying challenges of a hidden formula within an eerie mansion on the lake!

Will you be able to find the hidden formula, before it's too late? In this exciting 3-D interactive mystery, you'll encounter danger, suspicious nocturnal activity and even sabotage!

The Case: Jane's summer vacation is interrupted when she arrives at the lodge of her Aunt and Uncle, and finds out about a mysterious formula.

Her friend is plunged into a difficult situation, and needs the help of Jane Darcy to get to the bottom of the mystery!

Unravel a web of secrets and put your sleuthing skills to the test as you take on the risky mystery of Formula for Danger!

Check back soon for more information about the Formula for Danger - Chapter I! Coming this 7th VFK Anniversary!